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I would like to say thanks for the nuts (I really liked the smoked flavor)

Derek Wales, EIT

Derek Wales, EIT
Proverbs 22:29
Cell: 661.900.6181

Marines in Iraq

Email from Iraq .... February 24, 2009

Hello Jennifer,

My name is MSgt. Jacob C. Green (first row, third on the left, directly under the middle of the flag).
I am a member of the Green family of Bakersfield. My mother is Pamela J. Hill and my father is
Craig J. Green. Stepson to Richard B. Hill. I am currently serving in Kirkuk, Iraq.  F.O.B. Warrior.  
506 ECES/ Fire Protection Flight as the Assistant Chief of Operations.

I just wanted to send a thank for “My Husbands Nuts”

The smiles in the attached picture is from my whole Flight saying the name over and over again.
Thank you for the support you provide to all the troops in harm’s way.

Marines love my husbands nuts!

Email from Iraq ... January 14, 2009

Thank you sooooo much for the nuts.  There were wonderful.  As soon as I said the name

out loud and asked someone if they wanted my husband's nuts,

they just started grabbing them, not knowing that was the actual name.

I thank you so much for adding extra bags to the box.  My fellow Soldiers enjoyed them. 

I love the onion and garlic.

I have attached a photo.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get everyone back together

 that took a bag.  Either way, they all thank you very much.

  They came just in time.  I leave Iraq on Sunday, 18 January, headed for Kuwait.

 Almost home!  HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... SSG Tiffany Caffee, B STB, 4th Infantry Division

 Marines  Marines  Marines

Marines     Marines

Email from IRAQ ... May 25, 2004, Subject: Almonds sent to Marines

Wow, thank you very much for the package of almonds! that was very thoughtful of you.

We all greatly appreciate what you have done.

It was hard to get the marines together since everyone has priorities to follow, but I

managed to get my squad and a few others for a photo. The rest of the marines in my platoon

were tasked out...that was the most marines I could get in one picture. I'm the one on the far right,

and you will see Thornbourgh on the far left. this is a photo of 1st Battalion, 5th Marines A

Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad and a few attachments.

Again, thank you for the nuts. You put a smile on all of our faces. I'll be ordering more from you

when we get back to the states. Thank you again. ... Semper Fi ... Tyler Trovillion
Tyler Trovillion,  050615 - Deceased-story ... Right-hand photo above.

More concerning Iraq:

"dear jennifer-

just wanted to thank you for letting me know about (a while back)

i have been sending cards and packages and recently received an e-mail thanks from joint base

balad, irag.  of course i had to tell my friends and family that and thus turned them on to the site

as well. with so much bad in the world today it feels so nice to be able to have a good effect

on others thanks again!  denise james  

Dear Jennifer,

We are US Army Soldiers deployed in support Operation Iraqi Freedom, most of us are career

soldiers with multiple deployments to include: Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring

Freedom. We belong to an Attack Helicopter company AH-64D Apache Longbows, the best

Helicopter in the world.
  Marines  marines
This time we are closing an important chapter in the history of the humanity, the withdraw

of US forces from Iraq. We will like to celebrate this event with your support. It will be a sober

celebration, with Christmas spirit!

110 Male ... 8 Females ... Soldiers Strong Combat Company at: JOINT BASE BALAD, IRAQ

Thanks for all your support

Gracias, Respetuosamente,

SANCHEZ, JOSE M., Staff Sergeant

D Co 2-159Th ARB ... APO, AE 09391
AH-64D Technical Inspector ... Joint Base Balad, Iraq




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