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Any Soldier
A website designed to let families adopt a soldier serving overseas. You may choose a soldier and send cards and gifts from home. The Farmer's Wife is a fan and encourages your soldier adoption story.
The Will Rogers Memorial Museums

In the early 1930s, Will Rogers was the most popular and highest paid actor in Hollywood.  From his start in vaudeville theater with a trick roping act, he rose to world-wide fame as a columnist, philosopher, radio personality, and movie star. During the 1920s, he bought land in Santa Monica, where he developed a ranch.  Eventually, Will Rogers owned 186 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in what is now known as Pacific Palisades. 
The ranch became the place where Will Rogers could relax with his family and friends, pursuing his favorite pastimes of riding and roping.  At his untimely death in a plane crash in 1935, Will Rogers' ranch consisted of a 31-room ranch house, a stable, corrals, riding ring, roping arena, polo field, golf course, and hiking trails.  When his widow, Betty, died in 1944, the ranch became a state park.

Will Rogers Ranch Foundation

The Will Rogers Ranch Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the legacy of Will Rogers through interpretive activities and fundraising to assist in the ongoing restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of Will Rogers State Historic Park.

Kindness USA

Dr. Chuck Wall is a published author, lecturer and motivational speaker in the fields of communications, stress management, employee motivation, leadership and "random acts of kindness."  Dr. Wall has appeared in over 250 television and radio programs promoting Random Acts of Kindness and travels world wide speaking on the subject.  He has joined forces with My Husband’s Nuts to create a one of a kind gift.  Visit our “holiday special” to learn more.

Nana's Jewelry
Personalized turquoise rings and sterling silver stamped jewelry along with tree of life jewelry, nana jewelry and marathon jewelry.
My Marathon Jewelry

Marathon jewelry and triathlon jewelry that is made by hand.

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