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Our trees are about ready to awaken from dormancy, as are we. The Farmer and I are ready to get back to work in the office and on our ranch as our almond trees are about to reach their next cycle in production.

The trees will soon begin to bloom. This process produces blossoms that are ready for pollination. You will find bee's pollinating from tree to tree so that an almond can fill their hull. If you are around any orchards this time of year, you will be able to enjoy the smell and beauty of the trees. There are many different varieties, therefore the bloom is never at the exact same time. Stay tuned with us as we take you on the ranch in the next few weeks to show you our beautiful trees.

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Have you ever wondered?
(click here to see the shaking of our almond trees)

The Farmer's Wife as guest speaker
Looking for someone fresh and exciting to have as your next guest speaker? 
Why not ask The Farmer’s Wife?   
Jennifer travels nationally speaking about entrepreneurship and her family heritage. We are currently booking speaking engagements for 2020.  Contact us for details and available dates. 

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