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"A funny story......As part of gift bags that were being put together we needed several bags of MHN. I ventured into the Bakersfield Trader Joes and asked a stock clerk, 'Do you have My Husband's Nuts. She turned in shock, gulped, and exclaimed, 'Excuse me!'. Immediately realizing how that sounded I back peddled explaining exactly what I was looking for. After the explanation, another clerk walked out of the back room. The original stock clerk, pointed to her and excitedly said, 'ASK HER!'. I bet she just couldn't wait to see the expression on the other clerks face"


“Thank you so much for thinking of us-what a wonderful surprise and treat to get My Husband’s Nuts, I am a nut lover.  What a riot how your business got started”
Jan Rooney (wife of actor Mickey Rooney)


“I just wanted to let you know, that you have another international fan of your “goods” with my friend Jim back in the UK!!”

Kim Nolan-Molina

“Life is too short to spend it too seriously.  Congratulations and best wishes for incredible success in the New Year!!!”
Cherie Wedel Johnson

“Thank you so much for the gift.  Your “husband’s nuts” are absolutely delicious and I have savored every bite of them!”
Marilyn J. Tenser, Crown International Pictures, Executive Vice President, Production

 “It’s really the marketing that’s going to make your venture a success, you clearly have the gift.”
Travis Reid, CEO Digital Cinema Implementation Partners LLC

“Jennifer..yesterday afternoon I was watching football on TV and started eating those nuts.  Before long I realized I had finished off the bag which immediately brought on a sore tummy.   I thoroughly enjoyed parading with you and eating your husbands nuts.
Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne and Rose Parade participant with Jennifer)

 “Thank you so much for your great gifts of your husbands nuts.  I must say every one has been getting a kick out of the name”
Janet Papale (wife of Philadelphia Eagles football legend Vince Papale)

“Thank you so much for the almonds.  I had a ball picking and got quite a few.  Sammie (my parrot) is in 7th heaven.”
Sonya Richardson

My seven year old daughter and I were shopping at a very crowded grocery store when suddenly she exclaimed, “Something smells like my husband’s nuts!”.  I tried to shush her through my laughter while she repeated her observation over and over.  Yes your product has brought a smile to many faces.”
Kevi Sutter

“You’ve got a million dollar name”
Randall Reeder

“They are delicious”
Alicia Rodriguez

“At least this proves that some sort of humor has remained in the Rogers family!  Hope this give you as much of a grandiose laugh as it did me.  The real kicker is they are actually very good!”
LeeRae Leaver

“What a cute and cleaver title! I hope you do really well. We wish you the best.”
Liz Hamlett

“ …I was attracted by the label but soon was drawn to more than just the look.  I really like the almonds.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.”
Gemmy Rodriguez

“We passed around your business name at work and all had a good chuckle over it-so if you get any requests from Ontario it’s probably just us!”
Mary-Lynn Smale

 “I bought My Husband’s Nuts at Stinsons.  Great product and wonderful marketing idea.  Your web site is cute.  I will buy more.  Good luck, and much success. A happy nut eater.
Phillip Calvillo

 “you should be so very proud of yourself not many women can do what you have done,  I have always known you would do something one day spectacular.”
Janice Bolinger

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