ONCE UPON A TIME ... there was a farmer
who felt he had just about everything.
He was successful in the family business of farming cotton,
alfalfa hay and almonds. He lacked just one thing, a wife!
After years of searching he found the perfect bride.
They were married in 1989 and soon began a family.
Life was wonderful.
After two years of marriage
the farmer told his wife that the costs and regulatory burdens of farming
were taking a toll and things might be a little tough for the next year.
Well that year turned into two then three and like most American farmers,
they are entering another year of trying to keep the family farm intact.
Now this didn't go over to well with the wife
who is now forced to bring home an income to make ends meet.
But being a woman, she has decided to take
matters into her own hands and market her Husband's Nuts!
This has now become a family venture.
Each flavor has been especially selected by the farmer's wife.
The evenings bring the family together as they each help
place the labels on the packages.
So, if you receive a package where the label may not be perfectly placed,
please keep in mind that the hand of a sweet child
may have placed it there with the intention of helping the family.
When you purchase products
from the farmer's wife you are supporting the American farmer.
We thank you for your support!
And please enjoy MY HUSBAND'S NUTS!

Get to know The Farmer’s Wife


I am often asked what is life like off the farm?  So, I  have created this personal page to share with you a bit more about myself.

Life before The Farmer started when I was born as a “Rogers”  I have the privilege of the late Will Rogers as my great-grandfather.  Because of my interest in his legacy I along with dear friend Trudi Sandmeier (Trudi’s grandfather Emil was Will’s personal assistant) have started the Will Rogers Ranch Foundation.  You may visit WillRogersRanchFoundation.org to learn more. 

As you view my personal photos you may notice many rodeo acquaintances.  Not only was I born a “Rogers” but my grandfather (on my mother’s side) was World Champion Bull rider and Bareback rider Frank Schneider.   My grandfather took these honors in the mid 1930’s.  Frank Schneider along with two of my great uncles Johnie Schneider and Burel Mulkey are inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.   We travel to Las Vegas each year to attend the National Finals Rodeo and are proud rodeo fans!  I come from a long line of Ranching and Farming.  This helps explain my love for horses and why I have  been invited to ride in the Rose Parade.   

My true escape from a busy life is the beach.  I have a love for Santa Barbara and try to visit there as often as I can.   I enjoy cooking and riding my own horse when time permits.  We are a family of pets and our dog Bandie has a special place on the foot of our bed.  The Farmer has brought everything home for us to mend from a turtle to a crow and just about everything in between.     

In January 2016 The Farmer and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.  Together we have two children, both currently in college.  Our son is very active riding dirt bikes, and flying airplanes. Our daughter is passionate about adopting/helping abandoned pets.  I hope you enjoy visiting my personal page and getting to know more about me, The Farmer’s Wife.


Thank you,
Jennifer Rogers Etcheverry,


My husbands nuts

"The Farmer's Wife" 





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