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The Farmer’s Wife is proud to contribute to Kern Business Journal.
Click the link below to read entire story as she celebrated
10 years in business. 

The Farmer's Wife makes OSIYO TV Debut
Osiyo!  Welcome!
I am so excited to share an interview debuting on Osiyo TV, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Host Jennifer Loren and her amazing crew along with Cherokee Chief,  Bill John Baker recently visited Kern County, California and stopped by our almond orchard to learn about The Farmer’s Wife. 
Wado Osiyo TV for doing such an amazing job and for including us in your California journey. 

The Farmer's Wife

For all you football fans be sure and stock up for those weekly games by having a few packages on hand.  My Husband's Nuts are not only a great conversation piece during the game but go great as a snack with a cold beverage.  
  Many of you are traveling around the globe.  Be sure and take My Husband's Nuts with you on your trip and send us a photo.  We will post on all of our social media sites!!! 
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Video of shaking of the trees

The Farmer's Wife as guest speaker
Looking for someone fresh and exciting to have as your next guest speaker? 
Why not ask The Farmer’s Wife?   
Jennifer travels nationally speaking about women entrepreneurism and her family heritage. We are currently booking speaking engagements for 2017-2018.  Contact us for details and available dates. 

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