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The Farmer’s Wife is proud to contribute to Kern Business Journal.
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10 years in business. 

Happy 13th Birthday!!!
That's right we are now 13 years young.  Celebrate with us throughout the month of May as we introduce exciting contests and product specials.  Daily updates will appear on our social media pages, Facebook, twitter, & instagram.  We want you to share with us  how and when you became a fan of My Husband's Nuts.  SHARE STORY 
Now that Spring has sprung, the bees have left the orchard, the blossoms have turned into fruit and the trees are full!  This is the time of year when the limbs are most heavy, due to the almond being full of moisture.   During this delicate time, weather can be devastating to almond farmers.  High winds and rain can cause the trees to blow over.  This was the case recently for some of our trees.  High winds not only tumbled a handful of our trees but it knocked many growing almonds off and onto the ground.   However, the majority of the our crop stands strong and has a good yield.   
As for The Farmer and his wife, well we welcomed our first grandchild March 3rd.  Wyatt James weighed in at    6 pounds 4 ounces.  As new grandparents we are enjoying getting to know this little one and could not be more proud.  
Vacation season is about to kick off and already many of our  "nut fans" are sending in photos of our delicious almonds with them on vacation.  Be sure and take My Husband's Nuts with you on your trip and send us a photo.  We will post on all of our social media sites!!! 


Video of shaking of the trees

The Farmer's Wife as guest speaker
Looking for someone fresh and exciting to have as your next guest speaker? 
Why not ask The Farmer’s Wife?   
Jennifer travels nationally speaking about women entrepreneurism and her family heritage. We are currently booking speaking engagements for 2016-2017.  Contact us for details and available dates. 

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